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695. Identify two options that Oracle recommends while configuring the backup and recovery environment for your recovery catalog. (Choose two.)
A. configuring control file autobackup to be ON
B. backing up data filed only and not the archived redo log files
C. running the recovery catalog database in NOARCHIVELOG mode.
D. setting the retention policy to a REDUNDANCY value greater than 1
E. backing up the recovery catalog to the same disk as that of the target database
Answer: CD 答案解析:参考:http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/backup.112/e10642/rcmcatdb.htm#BRADV89648

Basic Concepts for the Recovery Catalog
The recovery catalog contains metadata about RMAN operations for each registered target database. When RMAN is connected to a recovery catalog, RMAN obtains its metadata exclusively from the catalog. The catalog includes the following types of metadata:

Data file and archived redo log backup sets and backup pieces B错

Data file copies

Archived redo logs and their copies

Database structure (tablespaces and datafiles)

Stored scripts, which are named user-created sequences of RMAN commands

Persistent RMAN configuration settings (包括A+D)

Configuring the Recovery Catalog Database
When you use a recovery catalog, RMAN requires that you maintain a recovery catalog schema. The recovery catalog is stored in the default tablespace of the schema. The SYS user cannot be the owner of the recovery catalog.

Decide which database you will use to install the recovery catalog schema, and also how you will back up this database. Also, decide whether to operate the catalog database in ARCHIVELOG mode, which is recommended. C错


Do not use the target database to be backed up as the database for the recovery catalog. The recovery catalog must be protected if the target database is lost. E错

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